What the project has meant to the women.

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The women at the glass bead project, has sent a letter to Marianne, where they tell her, what the project has meant to them.

Some of the women are members of the starff at New Life Africa International and works part time at the project as well as the crisis women.

Here you can read, what they write:

TRACY NDEMBEI (Teacher) Hi Marianne, am so grateful to God that He brought you to Kenya and started a new project, the kioo lulu project. It has really helped the women so much, financially. Also me, I have benefited from it much because I now know how to make many types and kinds of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Am so grateful, May God bless you.


Hey Marianne, I’m really really thankful to God who sent you to us hear in Kenya, Actually kioo lulu has supported us in our life. Although what we get from here is not much it has helped to improve my life. I have also learned much on how to make glass beads and I am sure it will help my life become better. We were expecting you to come so that we can take you to our homes but you couldn’t make it. We were a bit sad but we pray to God that one day we will meet again. We wish you long life and greet Oase for me. Bye, bye!!


Hi Marianne, hope you are doing well. First I would to thank you for starting this project because you made my life more worth and meaningful. Since I started job in kioo lulu my life has changed a lot at least I can manage to bring up my kids and also I can do things by myself. I feel good while I am in kioo lulu because I meet with my friends working together sharing stories and if you are down you get encouraged. Lastly, I am looking forward to see you again. I miss you much. May the almighty God bless and be with you always till we meet you again. Bye


Hi Marianne, how are you. I thank God for you and the introduction of the new project. It has really helped me and my family. I am now able to provide for my kids and at least provide all meals of the day. We are so much grateful. May the Almighty God bless you.


Hi Marianne, Thank you for introducing the kioo lulu project in Kenya, it has been so good to me. Now I am able to communicate well with the others and also my husband and family. It has also helped improve my family’s living standard because of the money we earn in the project. Thank you and may God Bless you much.


I hereby want to appreciate for what our dear Marianne has done to me through kioo lulu. Ok, for one, my life changed from the time I started working. I was very down on the side of standard of living, but now I thank God and you dear for what you did to us. Second my children now are getting balanced meals and all meals. They can afford to wear a bit of expensive clothes, at least I can afford to buy then before I could not afford. Third my side, is that I have learnt many methods of doing so many things for a passion. And I also got somewhere to make my mind busy. So dearest Marianne, May God bless you and your entire family members. May you live long to help the coming generations.

Jesicah Khadijah

Hey Marianne, am fine . Thank you! Everything is going on well, hope same on your side dear. i want to tell you that i really apppreciate you because of the opportunity you gave me to be in kioo lulu by introducing the project. Kioo lulu is really helping me in many ways. Like now, i am able to pay rent for my house and getting food from the money payed to me every month. Thank you for everything and May God bless you. I love you very much and I really miss you. Greet your family and tell them we love them. Also greet Alsor for me and all your friends. See you soon.

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Tracy ndembei | Reply 13.09.2012 17.16

Wow, This project is a blessing

annbell karoki 05.10.2012 13.41

hey, kioo lulu was an awesome place for me to learn and interact with others.God bless you.

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02.01 | 14:58

Kjekt å titte inn på sida til gammelt.
Er veldig nysgjerrig på hvordan KiooLulu har det nå, noen år etter

01.06 | 21:56

Godt at I har overskud til at hjælpe andre så de med tiden også kan hjælpe flere i gang. Godt gået .

05.10 | 13:41

hey, kioo lulu was an awesome place for me to learn and interact with others.God bless you.

23.09 | 03:02

Fantastisk projekt Marianne. Flot gjort! Jeg tager bare hatten af for dig!

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